Office of Student Life

Student Advocacy Center

Mental Health

The Student Advocacy Center works closely with Counseling & Consultation Services (CCS) and Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) to provide students with the support they need.  Whether you are referred to CCS or SLDS by our office, or vice versa, we want to ensure that you are connected with all the appropriate resources around campus.  Our primary goal is to help manage the academic impact of mental health emergencies or related issues.  Student Advocacy often helps students with petitions, appeals, and other holistic measures to ensure academic success.

Many students choose to sign an information release with their counselor so that Advocacy can stay informed of their progress and know how best to help.  Because mental health issues can cause a great disruption to academic, social, and general wellbeing, we urge students to utilize the services offered by CCS and SLDS. If you have been hospitalized for mental health reasons, you or your social worker should contact Student Advocacy to let us know.  Please visit our Hospitalization page for more information.