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Withdrawal Petition

Students who experience extenuating circumstances that affect their ability to attend, complete, and succeed-in coursework may be eligible for a withdrawal after the normal drop deadline(s). Guiding students through this process is one of the more frequent services we provide in the Student Advocacy Center.

The basic formula for a withdrawal petition is as follows:

  1. The student writes a personal statement which describes the circumstances that affected their performance, how their academic pursuits were affected, and what has been done to manage or rectify the problem. Extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to, medical/mental health issues, illness/death of family or friend, being the victim of a crime or traumatic event, or other personal crises.
  2. Documentation of the circumstances is provided in support of the personal statement. This may include medical records, letters from a doctor or counselor, court records, obituaries, letters of support, or other forms of documentation.
  3. Attendance information from instructors is included in order to determine the appropriate date for withdrawal.
  4. If applicable, departmental forms are submitted to the student's academic advising office.

The Student Advocacy Center offers students assistance in developing personal statements, compiling attendance data, and identifying the appropriate forms of documentation needed for submission. When all these elements are complete, materials should be sent to the student's academic advisor or college dean for review. Sometimes, the student will need to make an appointment with their advisor to fill out departmental forms.

There is no "deadline" for a withdrawal petition; however, the timing of the petition may have implications on a student's financial aid and refund. The Student Advocacy Center can help students make an informed decision when considering a withdrawal petition.