Office of Student Life

Student Advocacy Center

Mission & Values


The Student Advocacy Center is committed to helping students navigate Ohio State's structure and to resolving issues that they encounter at the university. Our purpose is to empower students to overcome obstacles to their growth both inside and outside the classroom.  We encourage students to maximize their educational experience and prepare them for involvement in the larger community and for life beyond college


  1. Accessibility to all students in the university
  2. Listen effectively, provide timely and accurate information, and encourage mutual respect throughout the process
  3. Act in the best interests of students and provide them with information on the university's regulations and policies, which enhances their ability to navigate the university
  4. Build relationships by treating each student as an individual and encouraging others to do the same
  5. Strive to meet the needs of students by collaborating with other staff and faculty to offer alternatives and to resolve issues
  6. Coordinate the Student Life response to crises and offer assistance to all affected family members and students
  7. Guide students in all aspects of their quest to earn an Ohio State degree