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Sexual Civility & Empowerment Program

1120 Lincoln Tower, 1800 Cannon Drive
Columbus, OH 43210

The Sexual Civility & Empowerment Program is housed entirely within the Student Advocacy Center.  Sexual Civilty & Empowerment's services include programming and education for the university community, as well as direct support for victims and survivors of sexual assault.


  • Knowledge of University and Criminal Reporting Procedures
  • Assistance Processing Immediate Reactions and Response
  • On and Off Campus Counseling Support
  • Survivor Healing Opportunities
  • Safety Planning
  • Academic Assistance
  • Empowerment Coaching
  • Sexual Violence Assistance Fund

For a full overview of the Sexual Civility and Empowerment Program, we encourage you visit the SCE website.

Sexual Civility and Empowerment serves a diverse community. To help foster a safe, welcoming environment at Ohio State, our programming is split into 5 components: leadership, support, advocacy, prevention and civility.


Program Leadership:

What is Sexual Civility? What is Empowerment? Why does it matter? Who is responsible in the events of a Sexual Assault?

Karen Kyle, Director, Student Advocacy Center

Natalie Spiert, Assistant Director, Sexual Civility & Empowerment



Have you or someone you know been sexually assaulted, harassed, or otherwise put in a dangerous situation due to sexual trauma?

Jolene Petroc, Sexual Violence Support Coordinator

Kelly Engbersen, Sexual Violence Support Coordinator


To schedule an appointment with a Support Coordinator, please e-mail:



Are you struggling academically, financially, or with other University services due to a traumatic experience? Unsure if you classify as a victim?

Holly Davis, Advocacy Program Coordinator

To schedule an appointment with the support advocate, please e-mail:


Violence Prevention:

Do you know of a community that could potentially be producing or contributing to a harmful sexual environment?

Tiffany Dyer, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator

Phil Mannella
, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator

To schedule an interactive presentation on Consent, Bystander Intervention and more, or if you simply have a question as to what sexual violence prevention looks like at Ohio State, please e-mail:


Student Civility Program:

Have you or someone you know been exposed to hurtful language or behavior that is sexual or degrading? Do you want to help someone who presents these behaviors?

Natalie Fiato, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator

To refer someone to SCP or to find more information on this programming, please e-mail: